Research in the lab is centered on obtaining a better understanding of the biology and ecology of sharks and bony fishes throughout marine ecosystems for proper conservation and sustainability of these valuable resources. The diversity of marine habitats currently studied includes an offshore to inshore continuum ranging from offshore open ocean systems, continental shelves, nearshore reefs, to estuarine seascapes. Current research themes focus on fish habitat use, movement dynamics, trophic ecology, life history information, and anthropogenic impacts to fishery resources that can each be used in fishery stock assessments and by management for applied applications. We enjoy using an assorted array of tools in these studies including natural tags (stable isotopes, trace elements) and advanced technology (electronic tags, ROVs, underwater video, acoustics) to better understand fish population dynamics and behavior.

Wells Shark Biology and Fisheries Lab // Texas A&M University // Department of Marine Biology // 1001 Texas Clipper Rd. // Galveston, TX 77553