EMAIL: wellsr@tamug.edu

POSITION: Associate Professor & Lab Principal Investigator
Department of Marine Biology | Texas A&M University at Galveston
Department of Ecology & Conservation Biology | Texas A&M University
Chancellor EDGES Fellow

EDUCATION: Ph.D. Louisiana State University (2007), M.S. Texas A&M University (2002), B.S. Oregon State University (1998)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Biology and ecology of bony fishes, sharks, and rays. Research focus on life history, habitat use, movement, and feeding ecology of marine species throughout sub-tropical and temperate ecosystems.


EMAIL: travis.richards3@gmail.com

POSITION: Post-doctoral Research Associate

EDUCATION: Ph.D. Texas A&M University (2020), M.S. Florida State University (2014), B.S. Eckerd College (2007)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: My research addresses questions related to trophic ecology, movement, and life history of fishes. Current research projects include the use of stable isotopes to examine trophic connectivity of organisms in the deep-pelagic realm of the Gulf of Mexico, utility of natural and electronic tagging techniques to examine movement and habitat use, post-release survival of sharks, and life history such as age and growth of blacktip sharks.


EMAIL: mlivernois@tamu.edu

POSITION: Ph.D. student

EDUCATION: M.S. University of South Alabama (2018), B.S. Northeastern University (2015)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: I am broadly interested in marine community ecology, particularly within coastal and estuarine ecosystems. My research has focused on the habitat use and trophic ecology of estuarine fishes, with the goal of elucidating aspects of ecosystem functioning. My dissertation research will explore the habitat associations, ecological dynamics, and life histories of fish species spanning multiple trophic levels in coastal Texas.


EMAIL: emily.n.meese@gmail.com

POSITION: Ph.D. student

EDUCATION: M.S. California State University, Long Beach (2019), B.S. California State University, Long Beach (2014)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: I am interested in food web ecology and the spatial and behavioral ecology of marine predators to better understand their ecological roles within their community. My dissertation will focus on understanding the food web and trophic linkages within a subtropical estuary in order to examine key ecological interactions among species and their habitats.


EMAIL: bsweezey@tamu.edu

POSITION: Ph.D. Student

EDUCATION: M.S. University of New England (2018), B.S. Old Dominion University (2013)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: My interests in marine ecology stem from studying the connections between ecological, physiological, and environmental factors that may influence the spatial and temporal distribution of marine organisms. My dissertation is focused on identifying variation in movement and habitat connectivity of sharks at offshore banks to better inform fisheries management of best conservation practices within the Gulf of Mexico.


EMAIL: erin_j@tamu.edu

POSITION: M.S. student

EDUCATION: B.S. University of West Florida (2020)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: I am a native of The Bahamas and interested in shark ecology and communicating science to the public. My thesis will focus on examining the spatial and temporal community structure of fishes in coastal waters of the Texas coast.


EMAIL: santiago@tamu.edu

POSITION: M.S. student

EDUCATION: Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur, Mexico

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Broadly, I am interested in fisheries, fish ecology, and their migration patterns using telemetry methods. Currently, I am studying the movement and survival of giant Manta rays in the Pacific Ocean, along with modeling the environmental variables that drive the residency patterns of this species in México.


EMAIL: lrandall@tamu.edu

POSITION: Senior Research Associate

EDUCATION: M.S. Texas A&M University (2014), B.S. Trinity University (2011)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Broadly, I am interested in habitat use and ecology of marine fishes. My research focuses on using acoustic telemetry to monitor fish movement, habitat use, and residency within the estuary and coastal environment. The goal of this research is to provide insight into habitat preference and movement of fish populations which could aid in management decisions.


EMAIL: jmohan@une.edu

POSITION: Assistant Research Scientist & Post-doctoral Research Associate (2015-2020)

EDUCATION: PhD. University of Texas (2015), M.S. East Carolina University (2009), B.S. Penn State University (2006)

CURRENT POSITION Assistant Professor, University of New England


EMAIL: t.tinhan@gmail.com

EDUCATION: Ph.D. Texas A&M University (2020), M.S., California State University, Long Beach (2013), B.S. University of Hawai'i at Manoa (2009)

DISSERTATION: Population and Trophic Connectivity of Bull Sharks in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico


EMAIL: travis.richards3@gmail.com

EDUCATION: Ph.D. Texas A&M University (2020), M.S. Florida State University (2014), B.S. Eckerd College (2007)

DISSERTATION: Trophic Structure and Food Web Dynamics of Deep-Pelagic Micronekton in the Gulf of Mexico


EMAIL: jeffreydplumlee@gmail.com

EDUCATION: M.S. Texas A&M University (2018), B.S. Marine Fisheries, Texas A&M University (2015)

THESIS: Community structure and feeding ecology of fishes on artificial reefs in the northwest Gulf of Mexico.


EMAIL: kaylanbradley@aggienetwork.com

EDUCATION: M.S. Texas A&M University (2017), B.S. Texas A&M University (2012)

THESIS: Feeding ecology of gray triggerfish and red snapper at artificial reefs in the northwest Gulf of Mexico


EMAIL: quesnel3@neo.tamu.edu

EDUCATION: M.S. Texas A&M University (2017), B.S. Michigan State University (2012)

THESIS: Nursery origin and connectivity of swordfish in the North Pacific Ocean


EMAIL: nspear@gmail.com

EDUCATION: M.S. Texas A&M University (2017), B.S. University of California, Berkeley (2005)

THESIS: Age and growth validation of the common thresher shark in the northeastern Pacific Ocean


EMAIL: bimmerracer@hotmail.com

EDUCATION:M.S. Texas A&M University (2014)

NON-THESIS RESARCH: Diets of Atlantic Sharpnose shark and Bonnethead in the northern Gulf of Mexico

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